A recently discovered young artist, Serge Golovach has quickly turned the scene of contemporary Russian photography upside down. The artist was born in 1970 in the Republic of Birobidzhan, the border between the Soviet Far East and China. Nothing predestined him to become, in a few short years, one of the young leaders of current Russian photography.

It was in Siberia that he had the idea to pose his first nude male models, in a wild and forgotten part of nature... These young men bathing in the Amur River broke with the structure of Russian academic photography, doing away with years of tradition inherited from the great masters of the Soviet photography (such as Rodchenko). In a few days of poses in this bucolic setting, a new Russian man appeared, in a liberated body, as after a pagan baptism.

The deliberate choice to work with models encountered in the streets and in the Russian countryside suits the artist's desire to break with "heroic" photography, but also with the desire to give back, without being demagogic, their true place to the "Russian People."

Thus Golovach's first major exhibition, in spring 2001 at the Centre of Photography of the Union of Journalists of Russia, was the one that attracted the most visitors that year, and was a revelation to the art scene in Moscow. Since, Serge Golovach has explored all facets of Russian identity. Indeed, the artist travels continually between Moscow and the various regions of Russia and the former USSR to capture rare moments, photograph gestures and powerful faces.

One of the fundamental qualities of his work is to ask us questions. Who are the Russians? What does is mean to be Russian? Bolshoi ballerinas or haystacks in Vitebsk, the new Russian wealthy or youth kicked out on the street, Sea Cadets confused by the passage of a procession of priests, all pieces of the contemporary Russian puzzle. Beyond the images, the work of Golovach shows us a complex Russian reality, where a sometimes dilapidated everyday joins the mythic beauty of origins.


Serge Golovach was born in 1970 in Khabarovsk in the Russian Federation. The artist lives between Moscow and Vitebsk.

His most recent exhibitions:

Moscow Ballet - Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation - Dec. 2005

Lucid Persons - House of Photography Moscow - June-July 2005

Rhymes - Russian Museum St. Petersburg - Dec. 2004 - Feb. 2005

Wide Souls - Reflex Gallery, Moscow - Dec. 2004

Waves - Dom Moscow Center - Nov. - Dec. 2004

The work of Serge Golovach has been the subject of portfolios in several editions of the magazine Kvir (Moscow), in Gus (Brussels) and the bilingual Franco-Russian L'Iceberg Blue (Paris, St. Petersburg) in 2003, 2004 , 2005 and 2006.

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